Exotic Indian Cuisine - Flavors of India
Samosa    $5
Samosa $5
Crispy vegetable turnover made from flour filled with green peas and potatoes.
Kheema Samosa    $6
Kheema Samosa $6
Crispy triangle made from flour and filled with delicious minced lamb
Aloo Tikki    $5
Aloo Tikki $5
Boiled potato patty flavored with chili peppers and coriander
Aloo Papri Chaat    $5
Aloo Papri Chaat $5
Wheat crisps and boiled potatoes mixed with yogurt and sauces
Kaanda Bhajiya    $5
Kaanda Bhajiya $5
Thinly sliced onions dipped in gram flour and spices fried to golden perfection
Paneer Pakoda    $6
Paneer Pakoda $6
Cottage cheese dipped in gram flour and spices and golden fried
Murgh Pakoda     $6
Murgh Pakoda $6
Chicken strips marinated in cilantro and spices, dipped in cornflour and fried
Jhinga Pakoda    $7.5
Jhinga Pakoda $7.5
Shrimp marinated in sour cream, herbs and dipped in gram flour and fried
Assorted Vegetarian Appetizer $7
Assorted Non-Vegetarian Appetizer $8.5
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